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Practical tools and resources

On this page you will find a selection of resources that aim to provide guidance on the practical tools required for humane dog population management.? These documents are written by individual members of the ICAM Coalition and reflect the views of those individual members and not necessarily of the entire Coalition, however all members of the Coalition have approved that these documents should be made available through this site.

We hope that you find these a useful supply of practical solutions to accompany the concepts and approaches described in the Humane Dog Population Management Guidance. We plan to add to this area of the website with further resources that offer practical guidance and are happy to receive any documents that you feel will fulfill this purpose.

Initial data collection and assessment

Components of a comprehensive dog population management programme

Implementation, monitoring and evaluation

These are draft versions of tools that accompany the our new Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Dog Population Management Interventions. Please let us know what you think by emailing info@icam-coalition.org



Humane management of dog populations

  • Humane Dog Population Management Guidance (PDF)
    | ES | CH | FR | PT | RU | TH | TR | AR| BA
  • Are we making a difference? A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Dog Population Management Interventions (PDF)

Developing a euthanasia policy with an animal welfare basis

  • The welfare basis for
    euthanasia of dogs and
    cats and policy development
    Language: EN

Humane management of cat populations

  • Humane cat population
    management guidance
    Language: EN


The ICAM Coalition produces factsheets and publications on companion animal population management.

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