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Consultative group

The consultative group is open to any society that has declared aims and objectives that fit with the mission and goals of the coalition or authority that has an interest in humane companion animal management.? It is also open to individuals or scientific bodies who have expertise that can support the mission and goals of the coalition. ?

  • The consultative group will automatically be included on the review panel for any publications or fact sheets being produced by the coalition.?
  • They will have the opportunity to put forward subjects to be reviewed by the coalition.
  • They will be invited to open meetings as arranged by the management team (aim to be held on average once every 18 months).

Applications to the consultative group are through the ICAM Coalition secretary.

The management team will consider applications at each management team meeting.?

Membership of the consultative group lasts two years, at the end of this period the society/authority/individual/scientific body will be contacted by the management team and asked whether they want to continue as part of the consultative group or end their involvement.

Management team

The management team is comprised of the main funding bodies for companion animal population management globally and key specialist groups.? The team is kept at a restricted size for efficiency.

Coalition management team members

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