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Impact assessment guidance released

We are very happy to announce the release of our newest guidance: 'Are We Making a Difference? A guide to monitoring and evaluating dog population management interventions'. This guidance is for everyone involved in dog population management, to help measure the true impact of interventions. You can download a PDF of the full guidance?here. Or follow the dog population management online tool, which uses your answers to key questions to build a PDF document containing guidance tailored specifically to your intervention. We have also created a Dog Body Condition Score training tool and accompanying Quiz where you can test your scoring ability. You’ll find these additional tools in the Tools and Resources tab.

We are really grateful to hear any comments you have on this guidance. Please let us know your thoughts by emailing?info@icam-coalition.org.

2nd International Conference on Dog Population Management

Thank you to everyone who attended this event in Istanbul on March 3-5th 2015 and helped to ensure that it was a huge success. You can access the abstract book, and view the talks on the ICAM Coalition’s YouTube Channel.


Mission statement

To support the development and use of humane and effective companion animal population management worldwide.



  • To share ideas and data
  • To discuss issues relevant to population management and welfare
  • To agree definitions and hence improve understanding
  • To provide guidance as a collegial and cohesive group

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Humane management of dog populations

  • Humane Dog Population Management Guidance (PDF)
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  • Are we making a difference? A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Dog Population Management Interventions (PDF)

Developing a euthanasia policy with an animal welfare basis

  • The welfare basis for
    euthanasia of dogs and
    cats and policy development
    Language: EN

Humane management of cat populations

  • Humane cat population
    management guidance
    Language: EN


The ICAM Coalition produces factsheets and publications on companion animal population management.

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